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An alternative option of Drawback is also available under which products made out of duty paid inputs are first exported and thereafter refund of duty is claimed. Drawback rates for standard and common type of products are pre-notified. (All Industry Drawback Rate Schedule) and updated every year after the Budget. For products not figuring in the All Industry Schedule or where the All the Industry rate is below 80% of the exporter’s claimed rate, the exporter has to get a brand rate fixed by furnishing the prescribed data. Anti-dumping duty is rebatable only by way of special brand rate of drawback provided the input used has actually borne this duty. Drawback for inputs is permissible not only in case of manufacture but also for processing or other operations for export of goods. For imported products re-exported as such, 98% refund of customs duty paid, including anti-dumping duty, is available as Drawback. Drawback is payable only if the amount of drawback exceeds Rs. 500/- or it is 1% or more of the export FOB value. In case of export by post or export in discharged of export delegation, the minimum limits Rs. 50/-. Regarding payment of excise component of All Industry Rates of Drawback, a certificate of non-availment of Modvat facility may become necessary. Excise component will not be paid in the case of goods produred for export from open market by merchant exporters, such goods being treated as having availed the Modvat facility. Where goods are unconditionally exempt from excise duty, Customs officers may not insist on such certificate for paying the drawback. No separate application or claim for payment of drawback need be filed. The drawback shipping bill (green colourd) is automatically treated as a claim. It should be accompanied, inter alia, by the following documents :-

  • Copy of export contract or letter of credit ar the case may be
  • Copy of packing list
  • AR4 form, wherever necessary
  • Copy of brand rate sanction order, where applicable

In respect of claims filed on or after 8/1/1999, Customs should pay the drawback within two months of export of pay interest thereon for the perion of delay.

  • Draw back option is open to merchant exporters as well.

(7) Imports for repair, jobbing etc. free of duties subject to bond for their re-export with 10% value addition. No. CCP is required now.

Interest on delayed payment of duty or on delayed refund/drawback of duty

Section 27A, 28AA and 75A of Customs Act, 1962 introduced in1995 Budget provide for changing of interest on delayed payment of customs duty and payment of interest on delayed refunds/drawback of duty.

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