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Year 2012

Circulars/Trade Notices 2012

Circular No. Date File No. Subject
159/2012 19-06-2012 F.No.354/89/2012-TRU Regarding audit fees collected by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG)
158/2012 08-05-2011 F.No 354/69/2012- TRU Regarding clarification on Rate of Tax
157/2012 27-04-2012 F.No.354/234/2011-TRU Regarding services provided by the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) /Board
156/2012 09-04-2012 F.No.354/66/2011-TRU Regarding electronic refund through the Indian Customs EDI System
155/2012 08-05-2011 F.No 354/69/2012- TRU Regarding clarification on Rate of Tax

Year 2011

Circulars/Trade Notices 2011

Circular No. Date File No. Subject
148/2011 13-12-2011 F.No.354/27/2011-TRU Regarding clarification on levy of service tax on distributors/sub-distributors of films & exhibitors of movie
147/2011 21-10-2011 F. No. 137/57/2011-Service Tax Regarding levy of service tax on various service providers engaged / associated with work of commercial construction/infrastructure development projects of road, airports, dams, tunnels etc.
146/2011 20-09-2011 F. No. 137/115/2011-Service Tax Regarding audit of the accounts of M/s Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, Tiruchirapalli – Issue of eligibility
145/2011 19-08-2011 F.No.332/11/2011-TRU Regarding Service tax on fee charged for issuance of Country of Origin Certificate (COOC) by Chambers of Commerce
144/2011 18-07-2011 F.No.354/93/2011-TRU Regarding clarification on “Completion of service”
143/2011 26-05-2011 F.No.332/37/2010-TRU Regarding processing for or on behalf of client, in relation to agriculture – causing sale or purchase of agricultural produce
142/2011 18-05-2011 F. No.354 /30 /2011-TRU Regarding SEZ – Service Tax Refund
141/2011 13-05-2011 F.No. 280/26/2011-CX8A (Pt) Regarding applicability of the provisions of the Export of Services Rules, 2005 in certain situations
140/2011 12-05-2011 F. No.  354/45/2011-TRU Regarding prosecution provision in Finance Act, 1994
139/2011 10-05-2011 F.No.334/81/2011-TRU Clarification regarding Short Term Accommodation Service and Restaurant Service
138/2011 06-05-2011 F.No.137/57/2011 Representation by Jaiprakash Associates Limited, Noida, in terms of Judgement dated 14.02.2011 in W.P. No. 7705 of 2008
137/2011 20-04-2011 F.No.335/5/2006-TRU Regarding assistance provided for processing visa applications
136/2011 20-04-2011 F.No.335/5/2006-TRU Regarding Accounting Codes for the taxable services introduced vide the Finance Act, 2011
135/2011 19-04-2011 Dy. No.116/Commr. (ST) / 2009 Regarding Service Tax Audit Manual 2011
134/2011 08-04-2011 F.No.354/42/2011-TRU Regarding Education Cess and Secondary and Higher Education Cess
JS TRU(II) 31-03-2011 F.No.341/34/2010-TRU Regarding amendments in Point of Taxation Rules, 2011 and other related provisions
133/2011 18-01-2011 F.No.332/36/2010-TRU Regarding Service Tax exemption for Janata Personal Accident Policy
132/2011 12-01-2011  20-01-2011 F.No.354/69/2010-TRU Clarification regarding - fumigation of export cargo in compliance of export obligation – whether taxable under ‘cleaning services’

Circulars/Trade Notices 2010

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